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Welcome to the LEOSWEEP project webpage! LEOSWEEP is a 3-year EU funded FP7 project devoted to the development of the ion beam shepherd (IBS) technology for the removal of large debris object from crowded regions in low earth orbit (LEO).

The technology was proposed in 2010 by the Space Dynamics Group of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) and investigated within the Ariadna research scheme at the European Space Agency. It provides an efficient and low-risk manipulation scheme to guide a non-cooperative target away from its initial orbit using a contactless ionic flow produced on board a nearby orbiting shepherd spacecraft.

LEOSWEEP seeks to achieve key advances in the development of this technique, finally leading to the required technological maturity and legal framework to implement a low-cost orbit demonstration mission. LEOSWEEP is an international cooperation project involving leading R&D centers in Europe and Ukraine.