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The Laboratory of Plasma Physics (LPP) was created in January 2009 by the fusion of the Laboratoire de Physique et Technologie des Plasmas (LPTP, CNRS-Ecole Polytechnique) with the Centre d’étude des Environnements Terrestre et Planétaires (CETP, CNRS, UVSQ, UPMC). We pursue research into all fields of plasma physics, from hot to cold plasmas and from laboratory to space plasmas, combining theoretical, simulation and experimental approaches.

Our objective is to make significant contributions to the major contemporary international projects in plasma physics : space plasma research into the sun-earth and other planetary systems, and the ITER project where magnetically confined hot plasmas will be harnessed to achieve controlled nuclear fusion. LPP is also strongly involved with plasma technologies such as plasmas for nano-technology, de-pollution, and plasma sources.

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