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The International Space Law Center was established in 1998 according to the Agreement between the National Space Agency of Ukraine, Russian Space Agency, and the Academies of Sciences of the Russian Federation and Ukraine. It is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. The ISLC is headed by its Director - Academician Prof. Dr. Yurii Schemshuchenko - and Deputy Director - Academician Prof. Dr. Nataliya Malysheva.

The ISLC activities are organized on the sectoral basis. Its structure comprises five sectors: 1) academic legal studies; 2) law-making; 3) publishing; 4) scientific legal expertise and 5) international cooperation.

To the ISLC priorities refer:

  • to assist in developing researches in the field of space law within the CIS countries;
  • to resolve fundamental and applied tasks of the development and implementation of the national space legislation of the CIS member-states in order to increase performance of their space activities;
  • to harmonize the CIS member-states' domestic space legislation with the international space law;
  • to strengthen the cooperation with international organizations dealing with research and application of space law;
  • to provide legal support to the Ukrainian national programmes in the field of exploration and peaceful uses of outer space;
  • to study legal and administrative aspects of space activities;
  • to disseminate knowledge on space activities and space law;
  • to ensure outreach regarding space activities and space law and promote them.

By nature of its activity, the International Space Law Center is a research and consulting organisation which has an international status.

The ISLC ensured legal expertise of different situations arising in space activities (under the projects “Globalstar”, “Cyclone-4M”, “Sea Launch”, “Vega”, “Lybid”, “Alcantara Cyclone Space”, “Dnipro”), in total more than 40 expert opinions.

Among the notable publications of the ISLC could be listed the following:

  • 5 volumes (6 books) of the Thematic Collection “National Space Legislation of the World“ with comments (in Russian and English);
  • 5 editions of the Space Law of Ukraine;
  • Commentary on the Law of Ukraine On Space Activities;
  • Chapters in the international scientific monographs: National Regulation of Space Activities (Editor: Ram S. Jakhu. – Springer. - 2010); Cologne Commentary on Space Law (in three volumes). Volume ІІ «The 1975 Convention on Registration of Objects Launched into Outer Space (REG)» - Cologne. – 2013.

Staff: 12 persons, including 9 scientific personnel and 3 support staff members.