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Electric Propulsion and Plasmas Group
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Bachelor and Master Degrees respectively in "Aerospace Engineering" (2006) and "Space Engineering" (2009) at the university of Rome "Sapienza"

Electric propulsion, radio-frequency discharges, plasma physics, mission analysis, interplanetary transfers optimization, asteroid deflection techniques, asteroid proximity GNC, aerobraking

Filippo Cichocki obtained his master degree in "space engineering" at the university of Rome "Sapienza" in 2009. His master thesis consisted in the experimental evaluation of the RF discharge in a DS4G (Dual Stage 4-grids) ion thruster. Between July 2009 and Sep 2013 he worked at Deimos-Space as a junior project engineer where he contributed to several european space industry projects (Exomars, RAAS, MARCOPOLO-R, NEOSHIELD etc...). In Oct 2013, he finally enrolled for a PhD in "plasma physics and nuclear fusion" at the university of Madrid "Carlos III" where he is currently employed. The Phd thesis will focus on the far field expansion of a plasma beam in space.

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