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Principal Investigator in the International Space Law Center

International Space Law Center, Institute of State and Law to the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Parliament of Ukraine

PhD in Law

Environmental law, law of natural resources, space debris, climate change, legal expertise, legislative process

Dr. Kuznietsova is a Chief Legal Adviser at the Parliament of Ukraine.

She holds a Master degree in Public Law from the Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University (1991), is a senior researcher at the International Space Law Center (from 1998), since 2000 holds a PhD in Law (Environmental Law); docent (from 2008). Currently she is a Full Doctor of Laws Candidate.

Dr. Kuznietsova participates in research projects on Space Law ordered by the National Space Agency of Ukraine and other stakeholders of the space activity of Ukraine, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan.

She published more than 15 papers on Space Law. Took part in the working groups targeted to drafting laws and regulations in the field of space activities. Served as an expert in several space projects, including Sea Launch, Globalstar,  Alcantara Cyclone Space, space programs on international scientific collaboration like bilateral Ukraine-France Program “Egide-Dnipro” “National Regulation of Space Activities: Comparative Study” and others. She teaches Environmental Law.

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