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LEOSWEEP project supervisor at ITM

Institute of Technical Mechanics of the National Academy of Sciences and the State Space Agency of Ukraine, member of the Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee
Department of Systems Analysis and Control Problems

Dr. of Technical Science in the Spacecraft Dynamics, Ballistic and Control, Professor

Systems Analysis, Spacecraft Dynamics and Control, Magnetic Control Systems, Dynamics of Controlled Multicomponent Mechanical Systems, Theory of Mobile Control, Space Debris

Anatoly Alpatov heads the Department of Systems Analysis and Control Problems. He has authored and co-authored fifteen monographs and a manual for university students. His field of interest is the dynamics of controlled multicomponent mechanical systems. He has conducted a number of topical fundamental investigations into the development of a theory of controlled motion of complex systems and methods for its simulation and analysis. He has conducted fundamental investigations into the theory of mobile control of mechanical systems, has studied the dynamics of spacecraft mobile control with consideration for the type and structure of the spacecraft as a mechanical system, and has conducted an investigation into spatially developed mechanical systems with elastic linkages. He has developed: mathematical models and research techniques for the solution of space manipulator stabilization and control problems; a theory and control and stabilization methods for tethered space systems and large-size space structures including space-based solar power stations. also. vital issue of space debris.

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