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Institute of Technical Mechanics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the State Space Agency of Ukraine
Department of Mechanics of Ionized Medii

Dr. of Technical Sciences in the Plasma Physics, Mechanics of Fluid, Gas and Plasma, Professor

Plasma Physics, Mechanics of Fluids and Gases

Valentin Shuvalov is Dr. of Technical Sciences, Head of department, Professor. The author more than 250 scientific publications in rating world editions (Russia, USA, Japan, Europe) and over 20 patents. He is expert in field of interaction of spacecraft with flows of plasma, atomic oxygen, electromagnetic radiation of a solar spectrum. He took direct part in creation of a unique plasma-gas-dynamic bench for modelling and research of interaction and operation of spacecraft and modules "Kvant-1, 2”, "Krystall", "Mir", OS "Diamond", spaceship "Buran", spacecrafts of the series "Kosmos", "Sich-2" at all.

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