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S.P.Timoshenko Institute of mechanics National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Department of Dynamics of Poliaggregate Systems

Ph.D. in Theoretical Mechanics (Institute of Mechanics of Ukrainian Acad. of Sci, (1968))
Dr. of Technical Science in the Spacecraft Dynamics, Ballistic and Control from the Moscow Aviation Institute (1985)

Spacecraft Dynamics and Control, Theory of Optimal Control; Theory of Flexible Multibody Systems; Dynamics of Deployment of Complex Space Systems; Space Tethers

Alexandr Zakrzhevskii heads the Department of Dynamics of Poliaggregate Systems. He is the author and co-author of 150 scientific publications, 4 books in the field of the dynamics of various space and rocket systems, and 4 copyright certificates on inventions. He has many years' experience in space dynamics and advanced technologies. Results of his researches were used by “State Design office "Yuzhnoye"” during many years. He is the member of the National committee of Ukraine on the theoretical and applied mechanics, the member of the American mathematical society (AMS) since 1991.

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